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Welcome to Green Ideas Network

Green Ideas Network has enthusiastic “green experts” to provide advice, tips and key information on all environmental topics. We take pride in focusing on solutions that can make our homes and communities healthier and greener. Green Ideas Network wants to be your centre for sustainable living.

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What We Do

Green Ideas Network is a non-profit organization that works with individuals, governments, educators and community groups to create healthy communities for everyone. Green Ideas Network is dedicated to providing education about achieving sustainability via solutions-based approaches. We recognize that living in balance with the natural world benefits all. In January 2008, Green Ideas Network was awarded an associate membership with Green Communities Canada, a national organization.

Work with the general public, private and public sectors, and all levels of government to initiate community organic garden programs, energy efficient workshops, tips and expertise assessments, actions to curb pollution and reduce waste.

Organize educational film showings in your community concerning environmental topics.

Contact us if you have any environmental questions.

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