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Green Ideas Network’s purpose is to communicate and encourage environmental citizenship by providing key information, workshops and educational programs that empower people in the Lower Mainland to make changes that benefit the environment but do not drastically alter their lifestyles.

Green Ideas Network is a non-profit organization that works with individuals, governments, educators and community groups to create healthy communities for everyone. Green Ideas Network is dedicated to providing education about achieving sustainability via solutions-based approaches. We recognize that living in balance with the natural world benefits all.

Our Mission
To communicate and encourage environmental citizenship.

Our Values
We are committed to being an organization that wants to help others make informed choices that will not only enhance sustainability and reduce human impacts on our fragile environment, but will lead the way to a better future for all living things.

Our Goals
Our short-term goals are to answer the question “What can I do?” and to create public awareness throughout the community. Our long-term goals are to become a positive role model for others.


Board Members

Doreen Dewell, President
Doreen has worked as a biology and environmental science instructor for many years in the post-secondary system.  She has a Master of Science degree and is a Canadian Certified Environmental Practitioner (CCEP). Doreen has been involved in several community organizations in Coquitlam and Surrey that promote environmental stewardship.

Joyce Roston, Vice-President
Joyce has interests that range from business, art, and community education to health, science, and the environment. She is deeply concerned about the issues affecting the health of our planet, and feels it is important for everyone to think globally and act locally. After spearheading and implementing an award-winning school grounds naturalization project, Joyce was the recipient of a Local Hero Award in 2000 from the City of Burnaby for her outstanding community volunteer work.

Zena Poustie
Zena has post-secondary degrees in Biology and Education and a DVM in veterinary medicine. She works as a part time veterinarian, was a local coordinator for her son’s school’s involvement in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup (2004) and supports school recycling projects.

John Wong
John is the head irrigation systems technologist for the City of Vancouver Parks Board. He has implemented programs in water conservation for playing fields and show gardens and has a strong interest in using grey water for irrigation.